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Digital Subscription Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Purchased direct from the publisher Pacific Magazines (, how do I access the app?

Activate your digital magazine subscription in 6 easy steps:

  1. Ensure you have an internet connection on your device
  2. Using your device, go to the app store and download the app
  3. Once downloaded, open the app, then open your magazine
  4. Tap "Sign in" in the top left of the app and then tap "create an account" at the bottom of the sign in box
  5. Enter your surname, customer number, your email address and create a password/hint – then click create
  6. When you see confirmation of your account being set up, tap "done" in the top left screen. You can now sign into your account using the username (your email) and the password you just created.
    Once you've entered the information, you should then see the magazines issues which you are entitled to view. Click on the issue you wish to view and download to your device. Enjoy your digital subscription!

Need some help? - If you are having problems activating your digital edition, just email or call 1300 721 800

iTunes subscribers

You can also purchase subscriptions to our digital magazine app via iTunes. Subscriptions purchased through iTunes auto-renew. To manage your iTunes subscription, access the Settings app on your iPad, and select Store. Tap on your Apple ID and confirm that you wish to view your Apple ID. Scroll down to subscriptions and tap on Manage. From here you can disable auto-renewal, which ends your subscription.

If you subscribed or are an existing subscriber directly through Apple you will still be able to access all your issues as normal. You will not need to login, or need any new subscriber number. 

Digital magazine – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I already have a print subscription; will the digital version be included within my subscription?

No I am afraid it will not. But if you are already a print subscriber you will soon be able to take advantage of our special upgrade offer where you can add the digital magazine for a special rate.

Q2: I don't have a print subscription; can I still purchase the digital magazine?

Yes you can. Please visit our Digital Magazines page

Q3: If I purchase a package offer (print and digital together) what happens if I want to cancel one part of it?

As this is a package offer any cancellation will affect both your print and digital magazines. If you cancel you will still receive those issues (both on print and digital) which remain on your payment term.

Q4: When is the latest digital issue available?

Please note it may not be available at the same day and time as your print copy. If you have opted in to receive push notifications you should be made aware of when the latest issue is ready for download.

Q5: Which devices can I access the digital edition on?

Currently the digital magazine is available on iOS and Android.

Q6: I keep getting the message "Authentication failed". What do I do?

Please contact our customer services; by email or call 1300 721 800

Q7: Downloading issues

Your device will need to be online to download new issues, but once downloaded, you can read them without an internet connection. If you have problems downloading an issue, check your device isn't on airplane mode as this disables WiFi.

Q8: I have deleted my app. Have I lost all of the issues that I previously downloaded?

No you will not have lost all of your issues. If you delete the app you will need to download it again from your App Store. Once downloaded you will then need to follow the instructions from the "I'm a digital subscriber, how do I access the app?" section (top of this document)

Q9: Will I still have access to my issues if I switch to another device or buy a new one?

Yes you will. If you switch to another device or buy a new one you will need to download the app again from the App Store. Once downloaded you will then need to follow the instructions from the "I'm a digital subscriber, how do I access the app?" section (top of this document)

If you haven't found the answer that you were looking for in the above questions, please call 1300 721 800 or email

Q10: The print edition has a cover-mounted gift on it – do I get the same on my digital edition?

Any kind of physical gift attached to the front cover of a print edition cannot be offered with digital edition.